The North Deal Community Park Project


Working together to make The North Deal Playing Field a better place to play and relax.

Fitter, Healthier, Happier – that’s what we all want to be! At present, nearly 7000 people live in our neighbourhood and there is only one open green public space, a flat, uninteresting playing field that is no longer used for sport following the demolition of the old Sports Pavilion.

One of the recurring themes of the various community consultations that have taken place in North Deal is the desire to see the North Deal Playing Field improved as a community space. Over the last 10 years local residents and volunteers have been active in trying to bring improvements to create a relaxing green space that all can enjoy.


A number of events and consultations have taken place since 2011 and have identified some ideas such as a new play area for 8-13’s to replace the one that was removed in 2012.  The addition of trees and other landscaping, a circular path, so that parents with buggies and people with disability scooters or wheelchairs can get out in the fresh air, some open air gym equipment to encourage healthy use of the area and last but not least, a dog exercise area to help our dog walkers keep their dogs fit and happy. In 2016 an exciting new play area was installed following partnership work between Dover District Council and the NDCP, and is proving very popular.

Project “Park”

This is a Vision tMasterplan earlyhat was drawn up following a number of consultations with North Deal residents. The NDCPA continue to discuss the progression of these plans with Dover District Council who own the land.




Giant Games 


Between 2011 and 2015 our volunteers ran a series of free fun community events to encourage community use of the field and to allow people the opportunity get involved in the park project.The Giant Games sessions ran between 2-4pm every Friday in August and were held on the field.

We have a large selection of Giant Games that are available for public use in exchange for a donation to the NDCPA project. Please contact us for further details.

Clean Up & Planting Days

We have worked on our own and with others like the St. Georges Church MAD project to clean the field and make it a nicer place for people to visit. We are always looking for opportunities to secure new flora and fauna for the field. We have been awarded grants by both Deal and Dover Council that help us to supply all the equipment needed to ensure our volunteers can get the job done.

new big treesThanks to funding secured by the NDCP and in partnership with DDC four large new trees were planted in early 2014. We hope this is just the beginning . . .

Sandown School Ecopark Project

In 2013, teams of pupils from Year 4/5 at Sandown School selected the Western Road Playing Field as the area they would develop Eco-park designs for. In total 26 Eco-Park models were built, the top 6 design teams were then asked to pitch their designs to the NDCP and NDCPA Chairs in order to claim the crown of “Best Eco-park”. The design ideas were interesting and inspired and all of the models can all be seen on our Facebook page (see below).

Please keep in touch via our Facebook page.

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